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Desc:This is exactly what Tipper Gore was afraid of.
Category:Educational, Horror
Tags:Gwar, childhood trauma, tag suggestions welcome
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Comment count is 16
That kid looks and reminds me a lot of me when I was a kid
Hitler is smiling down on us.
Oh come on! Childhood *Trauma*?!?!

Childhood AWESOME, more like.
When it comes to movies it's kind of the same thing. All the movies that I saw as a kid that messed with my head ended up being my favorite kind of stuff a few years later.

Almost the same. Although I liked them a lot when I watched them the first time. The Alien Trilogy. Both Predator movies. Nothing like seeing Texas Chainsaw Massacre when you're 9. God Bless video rental store clerks who didn't give a shit.

Yeah, I rented so much stuff like that by the time was 15 or 16 they asked me if I wanted a job. I was literally recruited by the video store.

The first compressed, digitized song I ever heard was the Gwar Theme, summer of 1990.
infinite zest
I was about 12 when I discovered Gwar: an op on the BBS I used was named Oderus Urangus. He told me about some site called portal of evil.
Beavis & Butthead for me. I only saw their music video once, but that was enough.

I think I found out about them in maybe 7th grade from a guy who worked for my mother. Same guy who introduced me to The Butthole Surfers and Napalm Death and The Melvins.

The Gor Gor video is what sold me on getting a CD though. Definitely one of the first three or four CDs I owned.

I was 11 it was Empire Records. I watched that movie half a dozen times at that age. and watched it again about 6 years later, and realized just how much it influenced my mannerisms...motherfucker now I want to watch it again.

Shoebox Joe
I discovered GWAR really late in life. 20
I discovered a lot of cool stuff thanks to people talking about 80's/90's punk on the internet.
It's pretty much my only social exposure. :(

Not up to speed on my GWAR recognition. I clicked on this video thinking he was letting them watch that 70s Alice in Wonderland XXX film.
These kids are going to be cool.
The Mothership
How about you, Parker, how does GWAR kill the victims?
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