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Desc:i have a friend who works on the show who says walt destroys the eastern seaboard in the finale
Tags:meth, Breaking Bad, bryan cranston, Walter White, greatest show in history of television
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My brother, who does not live with us but visits every Sunday came over today and informed me that he will be watching football every Sunday from now til Superbowl at our house. My response: "THE FUCK YOU SAY???"

No, go, no....why...
I am kingarthur's brother.

I already come over every Sunday. And, now that football is going to be on, that's what I'm going to watch while over there.

kingarthur spit in my face while he bellowed "THE FUCK YOU SAY???"

Football is on from 1-4 and 4-7, Breaking Bad is 9-10.

What the hell, you are going to watch terrible Sunday night games? Ooh, Tony Dungy is wagging his finger at somebody again!

Spaceman Africa
my dad works at AMC and he showed me the ending and it's so great you guys
Please tell me Hank and Walt finally confront Jesse and Heisenberg. They've been teasing it for years, it's about time it finally happened.

I'm Vince Gilligan. I'm very proud of my creation.

Getting to play Jesse has been a dream come true for me. I'm really excited Vince found a way to work in aliens so convincingly.

I'm desperately trying to remember if there was ever a bouncer character on the show.

My cousin wrote the final episode, and he let me read the script.

It's kind of a disappointment, to tell the truth.

I'm John Galt.

I don't know anyone who works on this show. : (

You fucks think you can just use my poem? That's right, I'm Shelley. You better make that Mr. Shelley if you don't want an icepick in your fucking balls. Hold on, fucking ink is blotting.

Hi, I'm actually Giancarlo Esposito and they wouldn't tell me the ending. Can someone get me on a better show than Revolution?

Innocent Bystander
"The uploader has not made this video available in your country."

this is not for you or your people

Now that it's finally over, I'll start watching it, cause I am never getting sucked into season watching like Game of Thrones ever again.
I call bullshit. Nobody on this site has friends. Nevermind friends who do consequential things.
We still have you, watching from the shadows, like Batman.

Like drunk, angry, lazy Batman

C'mon man, don't post BB spoilers on the front page. Even if it's bullshit...that's just wrong :( I thought this was a safe place.
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