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Desc:6.5 for both gameplay and sexism issues, the internet is having a giant bitchfit over this.
Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:Dragons Crown, does anyone else think the amazon doesnt look attr
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Comment count is 32
Yeah let's absolutely talk about this there's NO WAY this can spiral down into a misogynistic hellscape.

The review's pretty well-done though.
I honestly really wanted to see a discussion about it here on poe, which is my primary reason for submitting it. I wanted to see some other people's opinions on the whole thing, but the YouTube and GameFAQs (most gaming communities, really) communities are just plain fucking intolerable.

I LOVE when women who review sexist games disable comments. Partly because I know Im going to sift through a bunch of sexist shit that's just going to piss me off but mostly because some fucking nerd at his computer who wants to lash back with MEN ARE OBJECTIFIED TOO THAT ELF ISNT OVERLY SEXUALIZED shit and realize they can't and it's bottles up so much hate in their ass they vomit. :(
that's how i feel anyway

Heaving bosoms & women in suggestive poses?

Gives me flashbacks to when every female at my job openly read & then debated the finer points of 50 Shades...
^Exact. Not that I cared about any of this, I ordered and paid for this game cause I heard beat em up and Vanillaware. My 14 year old sister is going to play it with me this weekend, if she's got a problem with it I'll return it.

Wait, did I just see Hieronymous Bosch's Tower of Babel?

5 stars, fuck bitches.
You mean Bruegel.

I mean Bruegel!

Pope Caius
The Amazon also resembles the Hottentot Venus after several jugs of bleach.
I don't really like the over-muscled look but I enjoyed Vanillaware's other titles. I think I'll pick this up later.
Videogames played by men who are afraid of women in real life are truly the forefront of gender inequality. Everyone look over here at this videogame while abortion clinics are closed down.
This is the dumbest fallacy ever. You just posted a comment on POETV. Why don't you go explain to the children with terminal cancer how they have to die because you spent your free time commenting on funny videos instead of curing cancer.

I'm planning on buying this first thing tomorrow, though it's going to have to wait until after I finish Tales of Xillia to be played. Atlus and Vanillaware games are notoriously hard to find after their launch window. The game looks incredibly fun, and I haven't seen a beat em up with RPG elements since Castle Crashers, which this game looks way more fun than. Plus, I loved Odin Sphere.

I haven't played it yet, so I can't say whether it deserves more than a 6.5 or not, but this review is definitely lower than the norm. While I expect I'm going to feel the score should be a little higher, I'm not against people taking something that bothers them into their final verdict for a game like this. It's part of how the industry will mature, assuming it ever does.
Sanest Man Alive
If you're interested, the D&D arcade beat-em-ups (I am so glad to live in a world where those words can appear together in a sentence btw) are also for sale in a bundle on Steam. It's worth it just for Shadow over Mystara.

Yeah Dragon Crown is clearly based on Capcom's D&D beat em' ups, but you shouldn't pay for those. You should just dl the rom and play them on kawaks or supercade.

George Kamitani worked on the Capcom D&D arcade series, so that works for sure. Pretty sure they released them to hype DC coming out, not that I mind, Shadow Over Mystara is fantastic. Playing the roms is cool, but the official release has some interesting modes, move lists, and multiplayer.

Jet Bin Fever
Looks fun, but body proportions like that make me really uncomfortable.
Sudan no1
Vanillaware used to make better clothed, less ridiculously proportioned female characters. I don't know who convinced them to go in this direction, but they deserve to be called out on it because it is pretty off-putting. There aren't even any men with heaving chests to rescue.

On the other hand, I remember being a dumb kid and getting really buttmad because someone gave Xenogears a low score. I can only imagine what videogame nerd rage compounded with "girls have cooties/won't touch my peepee" rage must be like.
Reminds me of magic sword, so I'll just buy that instead.
Magic Sword is so underrated.

Nobody really gives a damn about the non-existant sexism" of this game. A couple of "pop culture critics" are not the entire internet.
This game looks like a well-used waste of three days.
The sexism debate in this medium wouldn't be so fucked up and tired if the two major camps were not "No one should get cheese cake because it is disproportionate and anyone who wants cheese cake is sad/pathetic/a loser" vs. "FART! (fill in racial/sexual slurs here)". No one provides solutions, just a lot of pretentious articles meant to get their comment sections major traffic, which in turn only facilitate pointing and shouting.

With that off my chest, nice review and I am definitely playing this. Like most critics in this medium, she could have easily gotten wrapped up in the sexual content for 90% of it, but simply acknowledges it and explains that it is a very specific flavor...a flavor that she really doesn't like.
I just got this and it's pretty fun. A lot of people are comparing it to the D&D brawlers, but it has more in common with Capcom's "Knights of the Round" I think. regardless, I think anyone who likes crawler-y, grindy dungeon games will really enjoy it. Although the overall combat engine is very much like an old-school brawler, the game is significantly harder than something like, say, Dungeon Fighter, and requires a little bit more understanding of how your character works best in what situation. So far I'm loving it, and the artwork is AMAZING. I'm playing on the Vita, and it looks smashing, but on the PS3 it must be fucking incredible (and don't forget, folks, while the game is not cross buy, it IS cross play, so you can move your save file back and forth from PS3 to Vita).
I really dig the purposefully grotesque art style. Yeah, the ridiculous boobs on some of the female characters is ridiculous, but I think it's such a relatively minor part of the game that I'm confused why it's so controversial. The sexism discussion is interesting and needs to happen, but I think this game is sort of the wrong title to really lose your shit over. Just my 2 cents. Anyway...I recommend the game.
Oh, and by the way, use the "Report Adventures" option in the tavern to save your game. The autosave is not that great, so save when you're in town, especially if you've just done a lot of stuff like buying/selling items, getting skills, etc.

So controversy aside, it's a Golden Axe knockoff with really ugly character design and a leveling system?
Oh hey, the background at 2:52 is pretty much a trace of some art from Magic Sword, too.

Frank Frazetta would be proud.

Let's not pretend this is something new. It's classic fantasy. It's silly fantasy. It's pulp fantasy.

It's characters representing the extremes of human sexual desirability. Frank Frazetta and his peers however were able to do it without getting them so sexualized that they looked freakishly hypersexualized. Still there's clearly talented artists working on the team, who were probably trying to push that style to its limits. And in the age of ubiquitous hardcore porn you kind of have to admit the extremes of sexualization are much further out than 30 years ago.

I think it's fair to say that you can enjoy this game and genre without it literally representing your sexual desires, but we probably should continue to mock the ones who do have these literal sexual desires.
I wonder at exactly what point it became trendy to complain about sexy female characters in video games. They certainly aren't anything new.

Five stars for pissing off progressive western feminists with something as inconsequential as a mindless beat em up video game.
Sudan no1
Well actually, the people getting pissed off here were the gamer kids who felt their game was entitled to blowjobs from every member of the games press.

by far the most annoying backlash against this review is how the reviewer was accused of having "history with feminist-oriented publications" that "disproportionately colored her experience with the game."

like, these nerds do realize there's literally no formula to this right? video game criticism, like film criticism, is not a strict rubric that every work can be dissected against and brought to an empirical, wholly objective conclusion. a good critic brings every part of themselves and their experience to the discussion of a game, and its the readers' job to find a range of critics with values and perspectives that differ wildly enough to begin to get a vivid picture of what might be offensive or transcendent about a particular game.

everyone is so obsessed with this useless metacritic bullshit at this point that they've forgotten how to think. stop giving so much of a shit about arbitrary 0-100 scales, find people who have something to say about something, ANYTHING other than insider industry talking points bullshit, listen to them, and then form the opinion that wasn't custom-tailored for your demographic by a marketing department. you'll waste a lot less money.
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