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Desc:Tries new glasses to make himself look smart. It doesn't help.
Category:News & Politics, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Texas, stupid, white people, Rick Perry
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Comment count is 11
Dear Santa Claus,

I want Rick Perry to run for president again in '16, but I want him to do better so he doesn't flame out as fast. That's all I want.
Did he find them in a toilet?

"The sum of the square roots of any two sides of an isosceles triangle is equal to the square root of the remaining side."
And in other news, Henry Kissinger was hospitalized today after walking into Rick Perry, who despite the accident remained completely oblivious to his surroundings.

Killer Joe
Hey, Xeno had a chance but he didn't.

They must never know I dropped them in the toilet. Not I, the man who drafted the Paris Peace Accord.

The God of Biscuits
That's wrong too, the sum of the squares of the short sides is equal to the square of the other side. Not the square roots and not any two sides.


Has anyone done an analysis of whether or not conservatism is a sign of early-onset Alzheimer's?
Looks like he's going with the Wolf Blizter ploy of upgrading to hipster glasses to stay relevant.
Jet Bin Fever
Of all states, he had to choose the diseased flaccid cock of our nation.
Were they laughing with him or at him?
Is he rubbing his nipples while he talks?
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