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Desc:so he dances anyway
Tags:dance, daft punk, colbert report, henry kissinger, Get Lucky
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Comment count is 24
Jane Error
Good lord, that was painful. Having a bunch of famous old white guys awkwardly lurch and shamble along to the best song of the year is like watching a balloon slowly deflate.

Also, why is the audio so bad? Did they really put it on the air like this?
Jet Bin Fever
You said at least 3 things I disagree with.

The best song of the year is Megitsune by BABYMETAL.

best song of the year? I'd hate to see your music collection

If you couldn't laugh at least once during all that, you're dead inside.

Best song of the year is Recipe by BEG.

Nothing you ever say is right.


lmo, just roll with it

A better question is, what happened to Colbert?

How is "I walk into a room and HEY here's a celebrity you might know!" at all acceptable, coming from anyone, let alone the man who once made the District Delegate of Washington DC spittle with rage?

Because he had to throw a bit together last-minute pieced out of clips he had prepped for prior guests?

I know that your thing is 'I'm dumb and/or I like cartoons', but jesus, dude, c'mon.

Come on, Change honey, you're a reasonable dude. A bit grumpy and abrasive, but reasonable when it suits your purposes. Forget that this is the Colbert Show. If Jimmy Fallon did a bit like this, you'd be rolling your eyes and wondering aloud how the hell he gets away with it.

I know you want to remember Colbert as he once was, we all do, but that Colbert is dead now, a victim of his own success.

Or maybe you're genuinely the sort of guy who thinks celebrity cameos for their own sake are funny?

Okay, you're going with dumb. Cool.

Have you seen any more episodes of My Little Pony? I won't make fun of you if you have.

Jane Error
One-star was mostly for audio quality, though I stand by my assertion that the bit was lazy, hard to watch, and made by Colbert less for entertainment value and more to show Viacom how many powerful friends he has.

Video is gone, but poe turning on Colbert because stuck up hasbeen musicians can't be bothered is five stars.

I think Change makes a good point that this was forced on them last minute and is plenty of excuse for its rushed feel. It seems like he just kind of ran around to all the local studios and asked if he could dance. It's fun enough.

There's nothing in his recent well thought out bits that show he's sliding in general.

Also this isn't even the best song on the album, let alone song of the year. Great album though.

Jane Error
My musical collection collection mostly consists of whale calls and Bjork, so my taste is unassailable.

Jet Bin Fever
I hope this link works. May need a different one for Canada though.
Thanks for that!

Hammer Falls
Less than 11 hours before it was pulled off of YouTube? Viacom is getting lazy.
I wish I could not see or hear Daft Punk every day. A+ episode
pyslexic dharmacist
Haters can suck Colbert's Hyundai-kicked balls. If you hate this, you hate America.
Matt Damon Booth
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