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Desc:The ultimate fighting fusion of gymnastics and karate is here!
Category:Classic Movies
Tags:martial arts, gymkata, Kurt Thomas, village square pommel horse
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The Skill of Gymnastics

The Kill of Karate
Mister Yuck
I watched the whole thing thanks to my good friend, Gin.
Aww man, I can't even rate this. I thought it was the one where Christian Bale dances around and shoots guns. Lame.
That's gun-kata.

Equilibrium is a remake of this movie where they replaced all the pommel horses with William Fichtner.

That's gun-kata and I am still angry to this day that they didn't call it gun-fu. I mean, _really_ angry.

This. This and Beastmaster on TBS ALL THE TIME in the 80s.
Saw this on HBO in the 80s, my favorite scenes are the uneven bars clumsily disguised throughout the "film".
"Hey, who's that guy who directed Enter the Dragon? Clouse? Yeah, let's get him to make that movie again, but with gymnastics". I love this movie. It was a brilliant idea from the first second it was conceived.
Always with the chalk dust available close by.
This movie defined part of my childhood.
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