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Desc:you shall be as gods you shall be as gods you shall be as gods you shall be as gods you shall be as
Category:Humor, Horror
Tags:Robots, Joe Rogan, immortality, 2045, BINA48
Submitted:il fiore bel
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The God of Biscuits
Idiot asks inane questions, episode 3
Rodents of Unusual Size
He's not an idiot, and I find him totally interesting. He also asks questions as a host with the intention to intrigue the viewer. Shocking idea, I know!

"Technology has no morals, it has no values... it's the way people use it" is the most intellectually dishonest, self-deceptive way of understanding things and it's absolutely rampant in the high tech world.

Because yeah, the ideologies, morals and values of the people who create the technology don't play any role at in their design decisions, the technologists are merely the vessels through which the technology manifests itself so don't blame them if their design choices fuck everything up in a decade or two.
Bina48 needs a tag, too, speaking of self deception.

I've heard that "I'm a real robot" response word for word in at least one other video about it. Thing is middling animatronic technology attached to a glorified version of Bucket.

It's exactly the kind of self deception that lets the Ekso guy say that working on the military-backed technology for a "super soldier" is "cool" without any apparent thought about the ehtics of his involvement with it.

I've had some contact with people involved with similar stuff (unmanned drones, autonomous robots that operate underwater do disable - but definitely not place, of course... definitely not - mines) and that complete denial of any moral responsibility for the technology you are developing being used for its intended purpose seems to be pretty much the standard.

Classic NRA "guns don't kill people" logic.

il fiore bel
It's weird, but I think I'm more offended that they believe they're going to perfect this "memory backup" thing in about 30 years. And that it means a human will live forever.

Tags updated.

Punch engineer faces.

Some of the people who seem to believe most strongly in the inevitability of the Singularity, and that they'll be able to slough off their meathusk for a shiny new robo-body or upload their consciousness into a cyberpunkish cyberspace are also the sort of hideous nerds, spazs, social retards, XKCD fans and regular Boing Boing commentors who couldn't get laid in a Tiajuana brothel wearing clothes made from 100-dollar bills. This is not coincidental, I am thinking.

il fiore bel
If they succeed, they won't need their cocks anyway.

Joe Rogan floored by an interactive index to world's saddest biography, plus Joe Rogan forced to talk to the douchiest douche in douche douchey Russia is five stars.
Jet Bin Fever
TL:DW... can we fuck em yet?
i think bina has been getting some action

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