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Desc:I can't believe this isn't here.
Category:Educational, Business
Tags:LSD, South Park, matt stone, oscars, drag
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Comment count is 16
I always thought of the Oscars as a horrible fawning back patting affair that's worth it because it sometimes renews interest in great films that otherwise would have tanked.
Oscar winning = better than average but not great. A great movie is usually too challenging in one way or another to get an oscar.

Back when South Park first got big I read that when Trey Parker and Matt Stone first moved to LA they made a series of films where they would find celebrities in public and one would run the camera while the other one ran up and farted on the celebrity. I wonder if those ever made it onto the internet.

Matt Stone and Trey Parker
Matt Stone and Trey Parker

il fiore bel
You're both wrong

probably. they are just trying to get an outraged reaction with a talentless and half-assed stunt, as usual.

so two stars for attention whore hacks?

liberal arts major and / or retail manager and / or grudgingly married father attempts to defend his illusion of individuality by hating people who happened to enjoy a modicum of commercial success.

just curious, do you think their fatwa is a half assed stunt too?

misterbuns is right, stop picking on these champions of free speech. if you do, it only goes to show how frustrated you are, so there!!

the idiots who made that stupid christian movie about muslims being evil also have a fatwa against them, guess they're actually geniuses.

Watch South Park, Vote Ron Paul, Post on r/athiesm - Ahh, sweet life.

They've basically become what they tried to make fun of/challenge. They started hitting their audience over the head with their preachy pseudo-libertarianism and forgot to be funny. They tried to send up people for being smug, bloviating douchebags by being smug, bloviating douchebags.

You have to factor in the fact that Trey Parker went to Berklee.

lol. unsatisfied consumers.

Every shitty thing they will ever do is justified in my mind by Cannibal!: The Musical. Also Time Warped.
Don't forget Orgasmo

Libertarians with opinions.
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