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Desc:A short cartoon from Adventure Time storyboard artist Natasha Allegri.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Humor
Tags:frederator, adventure time, puppycat, natasha allegri, cartoon hangover
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Comment count is 13
pressed peanut sweepings - 2013-08-09
I like this a lot. Bee is relatable.
Spaceman Africa - 2013-08-09
The problem with all these cartoon pilots coming out the woodwork by former Adventure Time people (Steven Universe, Bravest Warriors, this), is that they're all like rejected Adventure Time episodes. They all have the same art style and humor. This one was just boring and uninspired.
gmol - 2013-08-09
Meh, they are good and enjoyable.

Art is a language, people who come from the same school of art end up having drawings that look very much the same...visual art is a language, if they've been consumed in a particular work environment for awhile, that's the culture they have been immeresed in (they also trust that particular methods Really Work). They can't wash it off immediately, only build on it.

Eventually they get high up enough that they can't remember what it looked like on the ground.

duck&cover - 2013-08-09
Well, that was random.
Xenocide - 2013-08-09
That was just charming. Bee is one of the best cartoon leads in a long time. This had better get a full series.
Gmork - 2013-08-09

Cube - 2013-08-09
Soooooo... Does anyone else have that POW! -button on their player on YouTube?

This reminds me of the time (several years ago) when I had some problems with my Internet connection, and for some weird reason there was a button with a C-cassette on it on the player. It didn't do anything and I was stupid enough to reload before taking a screenshot, and of course it was gone when it reloaded.

I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere, before or after that happened.

Spooky stuff.
Lef - 2013-08-09
Good, thank you for posting this.
chumbucket - 2013-08-09
sparkling donut
Triggerbaby - 2013-08-09
Well-written, humorous, and has a female protagonist. Children's media needs more of this.
NancyDrewFan123 - 2013-08-09
I was going to say it reminded me of Scott Pilgrim but then it became a horror show around 8 minutes in.
cognitivedissonance - 2013-08-09
It would be great if I lived in a cave and didn't know the general trajectory of middlebrow entertainment of the last decade.
Caminante Nocturno - 2013-08-27
This is pretty anime.
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