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Desc:this goes here, not there
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Crime
Tags:what hell sounds like, Dubstep, screamo, Metalcore, crunkcore
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Comment count is 15
Why hasn't someone beaten these people up? It seems like the obvious solution. And easy too.
The worst part about this group is that they take themselves pretty seriously despite their "dont give a fuck" atttitude. They are among one of a decent number of bands that are pretty much still digging their spurs into the rotted out carcass of a horse that had been dying since it was born. Only now these guys have went a step further and added rapping to their style. Deathcore is a dead style. Bands have grown up and moved on. Job For a Cowboy just makes weedly modern tech death that have guitars that sound like you are washing your windows, Annotations of an Autopsy moved on to make crappy death metal, Whitechapel dropped a lot of the "deathcore" aspect and just make modern death metal with some melody, Abigail Williams dropped their deathcore aspect after their first EP to rip of Dimmu and then WitTR, Bring Me the Horizon make what I assume will be called post-metalcore and Suicide Silence is dead. The people still making this kind of music are the lowest of the low.

A bunch of high school kids making a mockery of extreme music isnt anything new but I really wish they would have picked a stupid, longwinded and even ironic name instead of using a decent one.
Seven Arts/H8 Red
Current metalcore is the equivalent of a Chip'n'Dale wallet, with 50 Cent lyrics underneath.

Also, Attila are signed to Artery Recordings, which is an imprint of Razor & Tie. Razor & Tie is also behind Kidz Bop. It would be both hilarious and/or incestuous if an Attila song does well enough to earn its own bowdlerized KB cover.

Did Artery buy the formula all bands must go by from Rise Records?

Needs a "Not the Onion" Tag
And, 'why the terrorists hate us'.

Good to know that this two and a half decades decades long absolute shit genre is still insisting on being represented.
Still better than Crazytown.
Pope Caius
Girlfriend! You really wanna make my heart bend! You know you'll always be my best friend!
Miss Henson's 6th grade class
Wasn't Attila the name of the seventies metal band that Billy Joel was in for like ten minutes?

Anyway, this is awful, but the girl in the video is pretty righteous. So there is that.
Stars for the "dubstep" tag.
Also I just checked and Attack Attack! is still worse.

Jet Bin Fever
I bet these guys make a lot more money than me. That's really depressing.
the front man has a fierce gay lisp, check out his interviews. Also in another vid from last year, he is as fat as fuck with a receding hairline. I guess he got some hair implants last year when he wasn't snorting the entire Columbia itself.
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