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Tags:white people, whiffle ball
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Comment count is 8
Riskbreaker - 2013-08-12
In desperate need of a "white people" tag.
The Mothership - 2013-08-12
Chancho - 2013-08-12
I would never let my son play this game. Even if he was gay. Which he isn't.
SolRo - 2013-08-12
He's so gay that you have to tell the internet he isn't.

memedumpster - 2013-08-13
Stop hiding in the closet vicariously through your son.

Lef - 2013-08-13
Jesus, so many videos..

Way too boring to post, but FF to 5:40, the dedicate 4 very serious minutes to post game/season wrap up.

Old_Zircon - 2013-08-13
Little Fenway.
chumbucket - 2013-08-13
I live close by to this field and have played on it. It's fantasy awesomeness.
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