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Desc:Exotic weapon proficiency.
Category:Sports, Stunts
Tags:korea, Boomerang, Bending, visitseoul
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Comment count is 14
Want brest seoul exprerience? Our new ciuramic bomberang is for excellent cuhting and refined knoife edge!
I had a boomerang when I was a kid because a friend of my mother's went to Australia and got one because Australia is shitty and has nothing to offer outside the things you see on TV about them. I took it to church and accidentally cracked the windshield of our youth pastors car and my stepdad beat the shit out of me. This guy is cruisin for a bruisin
Louis Armstrong
So.....when is the Sniper on team fortress 2 going to get another weapon?
Graduate of Starcraft University.
Seoul. Come for the hookers. Stay for the hookers.

Needs boomerang sound effects from Zelda 1.
I had one of those three pronged Nerf boomerangs. I threw it once, the tree kept it.
I can never tell if these people are really experts or if they just have way too much spare time.
Expert? Boomerang doesn't come back once.
He wouldn't do well in real competition.

iTour Seoul, for the chicks.
capitalist pigs, i bet glorious leader in best korea has better boomeran experts!
As a traveler from a foreign land, I motion that Boomerangs be considered Martial Weapons for the purpose of building my character sheet.
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