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Category:Horror, Horror
Tags:russia, gay, Putin, banality of evil, horrible applause
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Comment count is 11
To gain their power ?
"Horrible Applause" surely has some tag potential.

Also holy crap this makes me sad.
Billy the Poet
That guy is just sad that he was born too late to be James Bond's adversary.
I forgot to mention this clip occurs on Deep Space 9.
Innocent Bystander
So he's not really that much into the whole gay thing. He can take or it leave it, basically.
Russian cats are out-evolving Russian humans.
Pretty much, soon every russian would be just a walking vodka bottle, and then the cats will hopefully take control.

Just be sure to do it in a well-ventilated area; otherwise, the gay vapors may build up in your lungs and infect you, too.
What about the gay plants that grow up near the buried gay hearts? They will absorb all the gay from the soil and insects and animals that eat them will also get infected with the gay! And later they will spread the gay plant seeds all over again!

America spends every waking moment of every day trying to suck as hard as possible, and yet Russia consistently sucks more while making it look ridiculously easy.

It's baffling.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Scott EVIL!
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