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Desc:the theme song for a supervillain cartoon that doesn't actually exist, but should
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Crime
Tags:comics, racism, tmnt, Ookla the Mok, wrecking crew
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Comment count is 8
So these guys are like the convention culture Gorillaz, eh?
They own their nerd.


Nerdcore with smocks.
My favorite minor villains. He had an magic crowbar.
The Wrecker's origin is all kinds of crazydumb. Per Wikipedia:


Dirk Garthwaite first appears in the title Thor, and is depicted as a former manual laborer in a demolitions crew who is fired for his violent and anti-social tendencies. Garthwaite creates a costume for himself and adopting the alias the Wrecker, commits a series of robberies, demolishing looted locations and leaving a crowbar at the scene of the crime. The Wrecker enters a hotel room that, unknown to him, is occupied by Asgardian god Loki, the adopted brother and arch-foe of the Thunder god Thor. He knocks the depowered Loki out and puts on his helmet. The Wrecker accidentally receives an enchantment - meant for Loki - from Loki's ally, Norn Queen Karnilla, and courtesy of his now indestructible crowbar is granted superhuman strength and stamina.

Loki has a long history of Not Being a Very Effective Supervillian to Thor. He has also, most recently, ended up in a woman's body, as his true body has been destroyed by Thor several times. He got it destroyed.

They mention the fictional "Wrecking Crew" cartoon airing in the same Marvel supervillain block as a fictional "Circus of Crime" cartoon. If the latter had actually existed, the Ringmaster, with his hypno-spiral-tophat would today be as abundant in hypnosis-fetish-cartoon-crossover fanart as Kaa, the snake from Disney's JUNGLE BOOK.
Jet Bin Fever
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