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Desc:the theme song for a supervillain cartoon that doesn't actually exist, but should
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Crime
Tags:comics, racism, tmnt, Ookla the Mok, wrecking crew
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Comment count is 8
Old_Zircon - 2013-08-25
So these guys are like the convention culture Gorillaz, eh?
Bort - 2013-08-25
They own their nerd.


chumbucket - 2013-08-25
Nerdcore with smocks.
ashtar. - 2013-08-25
My favorite minor villains. He had an magic crowbar.
Bort - 2013-08-25
The Wrecker's origin is all kinds of crazydumb. Per Wikipedia:


Dirk Garthwaite first appears in the title Thor, and is depicted as a former manual laborer in a demolitions crew who is fired for his violent and anti-social tendencies. Garthwaite creates a costume for himself and adopting the alias the Wrecker, commits a series of robberies, demolishing looted locations and leaving a crowbar at the scene of the crime. The Wrecker enters a hotel room that, unknown to him, is occupied by Asgardian god Loki, the adopted brother and arch-foe of the Thunder god Thor. He knocks the depowered Loki out and puts on his helmet. The Wrecker accidentally receives an enchantment - meant for Loki - from Loki's ally, Norn Queen Karnilla, and courtesy of his now indestructible crowbar is granted superhuman strength and stamina.

Redford - 2013-08-25
Loki has a long history of Not Being a Very Effective Supervillian to Thor. He has also, most recently, ended up in a woman's body, as his true body has been destroyed by Thor several times. He got it destroyed.

sasazuka - 2013-08-25
They mention the fictional "Wrecking Crew" cartoon airing in the same Marvel supervillain block as a fictional "Circus of Crime" cartoon. If the latter had actually existed, the Ringmaster, with his hypno-spiral-tophat would today be as abundant in hypnosis-fetish-cartoon-crossover fanart as Kaa, the snake from Disney's JUNGLE BOOK.
Jet Bin Fever - 2013-08-25
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