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Desc:On Miranda's detention by the UK
Category:News & Politics, Horror
Tags:CNN, NSA, anderson cooper, greenwald, glenn greenwald
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Comment count is 6
Of all the people in the world any government shouldn't have fucked with...

Go get 'em, Glenn.
I didn't know until this clip that Greenwald was gay. It's nice to know that gay rights have come far enough that a person's sexuality isn't paraded about as much.

The other aspects of this clip weren't so nice.
Miranda should seek asylum in Russia too, that bastion of civil rights, where gay men are thrown into prison for corrupting youth.

Oscar Wildcat
Pro-tip: don't use your boytoy as a data mule. It's just bad policy and your sex life will surely suffer.
Sanest Man Alive
Ugh, those annoying Mirandas, always whining about "civil rights" this and "arrest procedures" that...
Hey, remember when the Crown owned almost every square inch of the earth? Yeah, no one else remembers that either, fucktards.
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