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Desc:Yours for only ! (SFW)
Category:Short Films
Tags:stock footage, SFW Fetish Infinity, shutterstock
Submitted:Pope Caius
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"Dear mom and dad, I have finally become an actor! I landed this cool role where I think I play a kidnap victim, or maybe a sex terrorist, I'm not sure, but I'm told I'll make bank when the points come rolling in! Heard about sis making partner at the firm, tell her that her big bro is proud of her! See you in the movies! - First Born Son"
pressed peanut sweepings
This is the weirdest fetish I have ever encountered on the internet.
It's important to know the difference between a balaclava and a baklava.
It's important to listen to the album Balaklava, too. And know who recorded it.

if only youtube doubler worked with shutterstock
But it's royalty free! Sure, sounds a bit ridiculous AT FIRST, but think of all the places you could use this on your corporate website! Never have to pay another cent, no matter how many prospective customers see it.

If you're still not convinced, I'd like to direct your attention to this clip I've got of the masked man, promising to "deliver the flaming wrath of YHVH unto you and your family", unless you fork over the cash. Look! It's paying for itself already!
May I suggest a "facekini" tag?
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