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Desc:In honor of Ben Affleck being named the next Batmans.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:batman, Community, abed, staying vigilant
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Comment count is 12
Oh god, I just learned about Affleck from here and google because I'm a weird shut in. Remember Daredevil? Combine that with Man of Steel. That movie is going to suck so hard.

This, however, is awesome.
These days, I get all my news from poeTV.

Eh, I'll give Ben Affleck the benefit of the doubt.

The Zack Snyder part of the equation is what troubles me the most...
Sanest Man Alive
I want to say I'm genuinely confused as to how that hack Snyder keeps getting work, but with him, McG, Paul W.S. Anderson, Bay and others, I think Hollywood's just turning the keys over to every vile little "MAN I am just so CLEVER and VISIONARY and DY-FUCKING-NAMIC just look at all the LAYERS I am cramming in this shit" commercial and music video director out there.

They can all go fuck themselves using their own shakycams for vibrators.

For the record, I'm not one of these whiny shut-in nerd types who spent all day furiously posting to facebook why Ben Affleck is a dumb choice for Batman. Personally, I think casting him as Batman is just dumb because he already had a bite at the comic-book apple and it was called Daredevil and I think after that he should just not be any more comic characters. But they could resurrect Lawrence Oliver and cast him as Batman and it won't make a bit of difference because the movie will suck. But it will make money, so whatever.

Bay and Anderson's movies make buttloads of money so I can understand that.

But Snyder and McG? Snyder in particular. The guy made one hit movie. One! Every other attempt at a comicbook/videogame has been an expensive bomb. (personally I can forgive him since he gave us Dawn of the Dead)

I got a cray-cray koo-koo idea; don't watch it, doy.


The Pillfaced Knight is a good team-up with Hipsterman. I approve.
Just out of curiosity, why the resubmit and why did people vote it up? The original video had an actual Batman theme to it rather than just words.
It didn't embed properly?

Sexy Duck Cop


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