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Desc:A possible predecessor to rotoscoping and bonus workplace sexism
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Classic TV Clips
Tags:rotoscoping, colormation, women in the workplace, something weird video
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Comment count is 13
Makes The Polar Express look like Snow White!
What's weird to me is if you take any screen shot from this video it looks like a cartoon. When you see it move it looks uncanny.

I think you mean "predecessor to motion capture". Rotoscoping, as in tracing over film, predates even this by about half a century. (It was first employed by Max Fleischer, who later animated POPEYE and SUPERMAN, in 1915.)

The look of this reminds me a little of the AIR video "Sexy Boy".
Looks too clean for rotoscoping?
I think it is compositing with strong direcitonal lighting and film processing to wash bring out edges and flatten small changes in value....
It's super high contrast black and white film stock that was used in photolithography, if I'm not mistaken. That's what it looks like, anyway.

Jet Bin Fever
Ha! A woman pilot? Why they would be piloting their spaceship when suddenly their woman instinct would make them feel the need to to fix their hair and makeup. WHAMMO, into the planet they go! I wouldn't trust a dame flying my rocket, no siree.
Dupe, but that version was in black and white:
"Nearly half our pilots are women!"

Do you see now what Communism has wrought?
"Possible predecessor to rotoscoping"?

Dave and Max Fleischer were rotoscoping Koko the Clown. Rotoscoping was one of the first innovations to the medium. Rotoscoping is why the ghosts in the old Betty Boop cartoons move so weird, they're traced onto film of Cab Calloway.
The only thing i had ever heard tied to the word rotoscoping was waking life and that sort of computerized process.

Caminante Nocturno
The chance to be a sexist jackass really pepped that guy up.
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