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Category:Horror, Humor
Tags:Japan, Prank, dinosaur
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Comment count is 23
Open up the door, get on the floor.
Everybody do The Dinosaur

Way to fuck it all up you two.

do you have any idea how long it's been since i've watched the super mario brothers movie?

Jet Bin Fever
Kick it in the balls.
"What if he sees our legs?"
"Jap don't know how many legs a dinosaur have!"

The dinosaur is shitting out a previous victim.

does japan not know that dinosaurs are extinct
He's not afraid of dinos, but of maniacs in dino suits.

If dinosaurs are extinct, then how do you explain the dinosaur in this video?

It might have been a kaijin.

Jet Bin Fever
I think my friend means kaiju. I will forgive him, as I wish I wasn't nerdy enough to get it right either.

Kaiju would make more sense given the context, but it's possible the beast is a kaijin dressed as a kaiju.

Why it would want to do so, and why, out of every possible permutation of the Glorious Japanese Kaiju, it would pick a creature as commonplace as a dinosaur to cosplay as, I leave these questions to someone nerdier than I.

I understood the difference as
City Stompin' Size = Kaiju or Daikaiju
Near-Human Size = Kaijin

The human-sized monstrous enemies that the guys fight with on tokusatsu shows are Kaijin. But maybe it is a Kaijin cosplaying as a Kaiju.

I don't believe the distinction is one of size, but rather one of form. Kaijin, as I've understood the term, is reserved for humanoid monsters (many of the smaller tokusatsu youma fit this bill, which may be the source of your confusion). Kaiju is a catch-all that can refer to all manner of strange beasts, while daikaiju is a term reserved only for the city-stomping kind.

A dinosaur is not a humanoid, therefore, it would not properly be considered a "kaijin".

I've seen things with animal heads and wings/tentacles/claws etc.
fit into the kaijin category as well.

This legendary beast has stunted arms much like the saurian beast in the video.
http://ja.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E3%83%95%E3%82%A1%E3%82%A4%E3% 83%AB:Hirokawa_Kaijin.jpg

Maybe there is no right answer. Except to run away if you see a monster like the one in the video.

The kaijin in that picture is still humanoid, though. Creatures may have animal heads or non-standard appendages and still be humanoid in form; consider the gnoll, which is classified as a humanoid monster in all reputable publications, yet has a jackal-like head and oddly segmented limb joints. Various kaiju could be considered borderline cases, and there's certainly no authoritative Peerage of Monsters with which can definitely settle the matter of which kaiju are kaijin, which kaiju are not. But a dinosaur is NOT one of those cases. He is clearly a saurian, not a humanoid.

Has anybody ever been shot during a prank like this?
You mean ninja-starred.

Depends...have they ever tried it in Texas?

"Well tarnation, if it ain't a Jesus-Horse!"

Binro the Heretic
I've never seen anybody shot, but there's lots of videos of people in masks trying to jump out and scare people and getting reflexively punched in the face.

Clever girl
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