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Desc:Can juggalos buy ICP merch from Hot Topic or Spencer's, and still be Down With The Clown? Discuss.
Category:Fashion, Business
Tags:juggalos, hot topic, Juggalettes, Spencers, Hatchetgear
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Comment count is 18
This is a very controversial issue, and juggalos have advanced passionate arguments for both sides.
"I just got out of the shower" leans back and flashes us. Ugh, YouTube.
Miss Henson's 6th grade class
Is "hatchetmans" the accepted pluralization?
I think it's hatchetsman. Kinda like Attorneys General.


To the soundtrack of roaches skittering about.

I'd pee in your mouth.

This video is a couple years old. At this point she's probably been through, like 10 boyfriends and has 3 kids or some shit.

Jet Bin Fever
If you have energy to spend thinking about this issue, you're probably neglecting something else in your life.
If your life is so full of toil that you can't spend 5 minutes thinking about dumb issues, you're neglecting a lot of wonderful if not terribly important stuff.

This is a dumb thing to think about, but the problem of it displacing other, more important things is a nonexistent one. All of us watch dumb videos like this and comment on them, so we're certainly not in a position to criticize the way this girl spent 5 minutes.

Jet Bin Fever
I have a feeling it's a lot more than 5 minutes though. And, I was referring more to Juggalo issues as a whole... which probably take up a lot of time for Juggalos.

Like her pantless toddlers running around drinking Faygo and playing with nailguns.

They should have to murder the old Juggalos to get shirts
Marks and Spencer Juggaloes.
pyslexic dharmacist
Out of curiosity, I took a look at this hatchetgear.com, and for a Hanes hoodie with a simple screenprint does not scream "street cred" to me.

But then, I have a Sex Pistols tank I found for at Kmart. Leave the brand snobbery to the nouveau riche, ffs.
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