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Desc:The comments are wildly entertaining.
Category:Fashion, Pets & Animals
Tags:goth, fox, Bones, serial killers, deader animals
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Comment count is 8
chovihano roma 4 months ago
These look similar to the bones you stole from my apartment the last time you came over . that was also the day you stole the nazi war helmet from the thrift store . i went back to the store with the helmet one day and apologized to the shop owner for driving you away from there with stolen merchandise . i gave him your home adress and your parents names . he was reluctant to press charges because i told him you were vagrant and addicted to drugs - he was happy i returned the item you stole
This is the same tea-drinking goth from that "Tips for the Modern Dandy" video.
Again, this guy reminds me of someone of my acquaintence from years ago - in this case the guy was a bit of a creep and weirdo who constructed a box that incorporated the bones of roadkill animals, covered in the skin of a rabbit, with a small jar sitting inside that containted the heart of some small critter like a possum or something in some preserving liquid. And it was a music box that started playing some slow tinkly tune when the lid was opened. He presented this to a female friend of mine as a token of his affections and he had been very insistent that he had found the animals who provided the materials dead "near his house".

people raised in messed up households
Jet Bin Fever
Noooo, not the smiths!
This is what every fan of The Smiths does, every single day.

Jet Bin Fever
I don't clean bones everyday. Only when necessary!

Some bones are bigger than others.

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