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Desc:Andrew Wakefield is back with a new reality show
Category:Crime, Horror
Tags:autism, quack, fearmongering, Andrew Wakefield, scientific fraud
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pyslexic dharmacist
Not having high BP or seizures is not a reason to take someone off Intuniv or Depakote, respectively. I'm hoping there's some context to that conversation, but it sounded like she was implying "oh, well, those drugs are useless then." Not true. Especially for someone who's particularly agitated or aggressive. Yes, it's nice when you can treat severe autism without medication, but doing so doesn't earn you a Best Parent Ever award.
Really is too bad we don't have an in utero test for autism yet. Autistics would start disappearing as quickly as the Down's kids are.
Don't make me Godwin you.

Notice how he doesn't call himself Dr. Wakefield anymore? Well there is an interesting story behind that...
I bang my head on my desk every time I visit this website, should I have stomach surgery right now?
I'm autistic and I've never had stomach problems, I guess I'm not a real autistic!

I guess it did change your life.

Not pictured: the other hundreds of Autistic children that were denied assistance because Andrew Wakefield didn't think she could "Cure" them on national TV.
or they tell their parents just to kill them,
Google: Alex Spourdalakis

I was expecting Autism Team to fight crime from a bitchin' customized van. I am crushed :(
Autism Team, roll out for action!

The team involves "Wheels" Chang who is autistic and wheelchair bound in a divesrity double whammy (triple whammy for being Asian American) and Pearson Supra who suffers from Asperger's Syndrome and is mumble mumble mumble.

Shoebox Joe
Take them, the both of you.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Team Autism.
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