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Desc:get out, come on, go on
Category:Pets & Animals
Tags:pets, dinosaur, white people, Monitor Lizard
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Comment count is 7
You can hear the fatness of the camera man.

I was going to make a quip about that lizard eating his face one day, but it's so damn fat I doubt it could climb a human corpse, or stairs.
Sexy Duck Cop
That is a dinosaur.

Do you people understand you are mocking a man for owning dinosaur?

How many dinosaurs do you own?
Binro the Heretic
It's not a dinosaur. It's a lizard.

If you have a parakeet, you have a dinosaur.

I'm a dinosaur

Sudan no1
cloaca or gtfo.

Sexy Duck Cop
Look at its dinosaur face you fools. Jesus it's like you've never seen a dinosaur before.

Shoebox Joe
Get me a dinosaur Sexy Duck Cop. I'll pay you for a stegosaurus.

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