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Desc:It's sort of a silly robot attack
Category:Classic Movies
Tags:Robot, B-movie, 1950s
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Comment count is 10
You fools, now the robots know you have stairs!

Still, good job using the robot attack as a pretext to feel the chick up. That's some pretty sharp thinking under pressure.
Pusher robot. Shover robot. Terrible secret of space.

Watch the last second and a half very closely: the guy who has been manhandling the chick shoves her down the stairs. This recontextualizes the whole thing: the two "men" are actually pusher / shover robots, trying to protect her from the space robot and the secret it wants to share.

Space robot navigates stairs better than human female.

I wasn't feeling stars for this video, then Teener forgot to change accounts before giving compliment stars.

Innocent Bystander
It's nice to learn that the run out of bullets -> throw gun thing is old as mud.

Also: very disappointed that the death ray didn't turn the guy into a skeleton.
That robot was totally cool about this. Dude had to really annoy the robot multiple times before it said "fuck it" and blasted him. It was willing to deal with the inconvenient chase after letting him live the first time, but was not going to do that shit again, and especially not up no ladder.
Robin Kestrel
So when does Evil Otto show up?
Caminante Nocturno
Did that guy throw the gun at the robot's butt? No wonder it got so angry at him.
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