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Desc:Might be a fetish
Category:Accidents & Explosions
Tags:crash, bridge, trucks
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Comment count is 22
Not exactly Bridge of the Year
americans and math just don't mix
There are these things called signs.
The Mothership
This bridge has been here before:

this bridge gets hit so often that this is not a dupe

Sanest Man Alive
I'm a little sad that people still haven't caught on to the height warnings, but not as happy as I am that people still haven't caught on to the height warnings.

The Mothership
Oh, also, "hey Rodger, what comes in the middle of a song?"
Nowadays? Unneeded rap or other hip-hop cliches.

MacGyver Style Bomb
So many rental trucks.
You'd think the local Penske outlet there would warn customers not to drive under that bridge after the 37th truck had its top shaved off.

I'd love to think the reaction to every pickup truck towing a camper was "We made it!" only to find out later everything had been scraped off the top.
Spaceman Africa
If only it was those extra two inches
That's what SHE said.

The bridge has claimed so many that sometimes cars go mad on approach and attack one another.
Rodents of Unusual Size
This is hypnotic.
pyslexic dharmacist
I get the impression most bridges have a 12' clearance, y/n?
This bridge pre-dates height standards. Which is why there's 500 signs and an overheight alert light in front of it.

Innocent Bystander
I think some of them didn't even notice.
My favorite was the hay truck following the hay truck in front of it.

Robin Kestrel
From the website:

"Clearance can be a real challenge for a truck driver. Especially inexperienced drivers of rental boxtrucks seem to be quite oblivious to the warning signs and flashing “overheight” warning lights at this railroad trestle in Durham, NC. So frequently do trucks crash into the 11-foot-8 clearance trestle, that the railroad company installed a crash beam in front of it. This massive steel I-beam bears the brunt of the impact, protecting the structure that supports this fairly busy railroad track. Believe it or not – they already had to replace the beam once!"
I love the kid at 3:55 yelling "YES!"
Jet Bin Fever
When I was in Durham some months back I saw this thing. It's pretty obvious, but always bet on stupidity.
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