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Desc:Watch out agents, they have a new weapon to use against us.
Category:Crime, Science & Technology
Tags:counterattack, funeral, Gang stalking, targeted individual, Neil Nicholson
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Comment count is 8
That bastard. I am still haunted by the memory of the agents we lost in Kansas when a TI turned the hazard lights on us. Those men had families. Don't these people have any sense of decency?
This might be too 'extreme' for the pencil pushers in Control, but I say we retaliate in kind. If they've got hazard lights, we bring damaged turn signals. If they bring tin foil, we chew gum loudly at them. If they use vinegar to scrub our chemtrails, we sort of walk by their general vicinity not doing anything in particular, maybe have a conversation or look at our phones. This is war.
Orchestrating all this is definitely way easier than just... you know... killing him, right?
We spent a lot of time making those Silent Sound Projectors to put voices in his head, so we have to make those pay for themselves first.

Also, who leaked the existence of the SSPs? Next thing you guys will blab the secrets of our silent explosive, Hush-A-Boom, to Moose and Squirrel!

Think of it as a shadow government stimulus package.

I would love to see what happens if a cop stopped him to ask about the hazard lights.
I decided to retire from submitting "gang stalking" videos after StalkedInBoston's mailman harassment videos went viral on Reddit and LiveLeak, but I'm glad to see someone here is carrying the torch.
I'm sticking to my pledge not to submit any more "gang stalking" videos to POETV (unless there are some really hilarious confrontations, and "StalkedInBoston" pretty much only ever posts screen shots of Google searches anymore), but I considered submitting this one, about another weapon against "Fraidy Cat Neoconservative Gang Stalkers":


Spoiler: The weapon is saying "Boo".
God damn, that's some MAJOR projection going on. "I'm afraid, I want to be a part of a group, and I'm not completely founding my reality in emotion, therefore my fictional enemies are afraid, part of a huge group, and are totally not rational."

Also, I drive a red car and have done so for years. I wonder what they'd make of it as it's from the late 90's and parts of it are starting to turn a kind of deep rose, if not pink.

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