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Desc:Paris Hilton is called out on by a small crowd during NYC fashion week.
Category:Fashion, Educational
Tags:pig, paris hilton, redmenace
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Comment count is 13
Paris is a symptom, not the disease.
As are the hecklers.

Binro the Heretic
She had endless paths open to her, paths most people can only dream of.

She chose to become a useless vapid asshole and rub it in the noses of people who would have done so much more if they'd had the same opportunities.

She deserves any criticism people level at her.

I'd criticize her choices to be an attention-whore all day long. I'd say, however, that she wouldn't exist without the 1% culture of entitlement, lack of human empathy, and megalomania bordering on believing "the divine right of kings" not only applies to them but is often far too restrictive on their activities.

It's more than just a culture, it's a pretty well demonstrated psychological phenomenon. Being this rich completely fucks up your psyche and MAKES you an asshole (not always but it's a very probably outcome). Which isn't to say the rich aren't accountable for their actions.

Not necessarily, OZ. Ivanka Trump is pretty nice, and she's both hotter and richer than Paris. Being the child of an obscenely wealthy and successful individual presents it's own set of psychological hurdles, but it's not necessarily a death sentence. It's just that the well adjusted, decent richers are boring and don't get any attention from the media, so most of us never see them.

Paris is famous BECAUSE she's a vapid bitch. That's her job, that's her career, to present herself as an object of hatred and derision for the unwashed masses. She's like a living vaudeville villain, a method actor who lives the method. In a sense, this is what many (most?) celebrities do these days, or at least the version of their existence that we are privy to - Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Tom Cruise, Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus, the masses love to hate them, love to think about and talk about and consume media that feeds into their hatred of these sacrificial icons. What makes Paris a special case is that she's ONLY famous for being an asshole; she had, and still has, no day job (besides the porn and reality TV) with which to validate the attention we lump on her. Or, "lumped" on her, as Paris has become old meme now that the younger, hotter, sluttier Kardashian sisters are Queens.

She's a safety valve for class antagonism, part Warhol girl, part Emmanuel Goldstein. And in a bizarre, ironic, twisty sort of way, I'd say that this is actually a perfectly valid, and valued, socioeconomic niche she's filling.


Oooh..how brave of you all. You've certainly taken her down a peg.
She'll cry herself to sleep on her endless mountain of money, big houses, expensive cars and paid subservient lackeys.
This should be the reaction anytime she makes a public appearance.

Perhaps it would lead to her making less of them.

Oscar Wildcat
Ask not for whom the cellphone chimes; it chimes for thee.

"uhhhh...What's Boo-jwa mean?"
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