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Desc:Good program speculating on global warming.
Category:Educational, Science & Technology
Tags:global warming, manmade disasters, end of civilization
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Rodents of Unusual Size
Five stars because this actually disturbed me more than any horror film and gave me nightmares.
seizure-inducing intro because, you know, remote controls and channel surfing
I'm thinking a massive Rooseveltian reboot of the economy will happen before any of this. Just as Roosevelt confiscated all the gold in the country and launched massive spending sprees to get people to work, the Feds would take control of car companies (we came pretty close to this already), fund a massive overhaul of the electricity grid, and build desalinization facilities an order of magnitude larger than the Middle East's.

The idea that we wake up one day and there's no gasoline left is rather absurd. Even though acquiring it is gobbling up valuable water resources in many places, there's still a lot of petroleum left in the ground. Actually, there's too much left in the ground, which is making it harder to get away from.
How will Neo-Roosevelt keep the religiously armed inbred from murdering 20,000,000 people during this process?

Oscar Wildcat
Obamacare death panels, you silly boy.

Also, in 2100 it is pronounced Earff, not Earth.

Jet Bin Fever
Where's Jesus when you need him?
He has been dead a long, long time, and he's not coming back.

Jet Bin Fever

Jet Bin Fever
That's despair by the way, not disagreement.

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