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Desc:Nick Bravo wonders why he is unliked on youtube
Category:Educational, Horror
Tags:trolls, drama queen, spikebravo, cognitive dissonance, nick bravo
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Comment count is 10
Nick wonders why people don't take him seriously, and in one of his own videos he affects a hilarious voice and mocks his viewers saying: "GET A JAARB!", replete with spastic "air quotes".

Oh Nick, shine on you crazy diamond.

See you in a few weeks.
wtf japan
There will come a day when you actually need real, true, heartfelt sincerity and on that day you won't be making YouTube videos about it because you'll be too busy being utterly devastated.
I remember when he was waving around a wad of cash as if it was easy money to him and now he's had a 15-minute long mental collapse because he could have had for a day's work.
You know Hooker, if you keep taunting Nick like that in his comments section, he might cry. And then you'll feel bad.

I regret my regret over that whole affair.

It seems like I pushed him to learn how to disable comments. :\

Joke's on him. Most of those comments were supportive.

Monkey Napoleon
Don't worry folks! Soon, something marginally decent will happen to him that's commonplace for normal people... and he'll post a video crowing about it like he's just beaten everyone at life. Then he'll squander the opportunity being an insufferable toad or carrying out some moronic scheme, and we'll get to watch the whole thing over again.
Jet Bin Fever
It's not us Nick, It's you.
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