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Desc:This anachronistic photoshop abomination will make you wish you were watching a Bakshi film.
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Crime
Tags:netflix!, strange frame, deviant art, smudge tool, hire real animators
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Comment count is 16
1:43 - I think the line that followed was, "I'll get you next time, Gadget!"

a saga
Looks okay until it moves, then it gets a bit Flashy-tweeny. Reminds me of that CG Flatland movie. Also, the people who cut the trailer don't know the masterful art of hiding signs of a bad story, which isn't their fault, no one knows how to do that.
The female protagonist appears to have a Prince Albert in her lip.
Five stars.
1998 was awesome!
Seven Arts/H8 Red
"Cutting edge" - Perez Hilton
That sold me.

2:02 - DRAMA!

Also, white guys with ethnic hair styles.
Wait, that's a woman.

It's pretty clear that the character youre referring to is a fanfic version of Roger Waters. This is confirmed when the final song in the film is ' the gunners dream' off waters final pink floyd album.

Oh but in this roger waters is a lesbian.

This has a 98% on Rotten Tomatoes.
Sorry. 93%. Typo.

Jeebus. And quite the voice cast.

Tim Curry, Claudia Black, Michael Dorn, Claudia Christian, two people from Firefly...

Did they blow the budget on them and then use what was left over for animation? Also, maybe I'm just jaded from everything I watched from the 70's and 80's, but the sci-fi movie where music is some kind of macguffin is something I thought we outgrew a long time ago. It's just too cliche even to think about for me.

There is a really disgusting PR campaign behind this film. All the reviews both published and user based ( rotten tomatos , netflix, amazon) are all the same glowing over emotive copy pasta comparing it to 'blade runner'.

Somehow the thing has an incredible cast. I cant figure it out. Best i can figure is that the gay scifi card got the attention of tim curry and george takei.

I did research on it and the director brags about how he 'revitalized the hawaiian economy' by hiring teenagers from a highschool.

Like hes fucking peter jackson or something. 'Hiring teenagers' on a budget like this for a thing that looks like garbage = using slave labor on your vanity project.

Not hiring. He didn't pay them a dime. He used highschoolers as "interns" to work on the movie.

Voice acting cameo by Jiz at 1:46
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