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Category:Video Games
Tags:ACTING!, Dota 2
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Jet Bin Fever
Don't laugh! These guys are PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES.
Killer Joe
Chuan's got heart... but his heart has problems.
We have a "Doughy Guy" tag.
I personally love the Alliance picture whenever I start up Dota 2, of the little kid in the toque trying to look like he thinks he's a badass.

I like to imagine he bursts into tears and starts yelling "BUT YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND" when his mom tells him to go to bed it's after 10.

At least some of the players are aware of how fucking lucky they are that someone pays them to play games instead of washing cars like they should be doing.
Ugh, just ugh. I still can't believe we live in an age where people actually WANT to watch video games being played. That shit was boring as hell to me.

How is Dota 2? Any better than League in terms of play and community?
I dunno man, I'm having fun with it but I only play against bots. I had my fill of the online christmas modem kiddies during the Quake years.

> I still can't believe we live in an age where people actually WANT to watch video games being played.

Counterpoint: GameCenter CX

It's weird because Dota 2 is a lot more complex and hard to learn than LoL (the items and shop menu are a clusterfuck) so you think it would attract more asshole hardcore players, but it's the other way around. LoL was overrun by bitching META assholes while Dota 2 is relatively chill.

No it's definitely still packed with ultratards that will scream at you

Sexy Duck Cop
To live in a world without irony...would that be a Heaven, or a Hell?

*posts anime picture of self in astronaut racer unitard stroking chin in earnest contemplation, is totally chill with sense of self, place in the world*

*achieves Nirvana, but at what cost?*
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