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Desc:You heard me.
Category:Educational, Business
Tags:children, tool, A better tomorrow, not evil
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Comment count is 28
That drummer is either going to grow up to be a Wyld Stallions-tier rock n' roll savior of humanity or die of the world's youngest cocaine-induced heart explosion.
Spaceman Africa
The average Tool fan.
adorably, fantastically talented?

Spaceman Africa
I meant a bunch of pubescent children but ok.

My stars are only for clave kid
There's a joke among my band director friends about giving the kid that can't play anything a pair of rubber claves.

This is really impressive and I still don't care about Tool.
Stars for Bass Kid from Bass Dude. LET'S SEE YOU DO THAT ON A FRETLESS PUNK
Jet Bin Fever
I've never cared much for Tool. Don't get me wrong, I see the appeal, I really do. Just never got into them really. That said, I really enjoyed this. The bassist is a beast!
The Mothership
ditto. Also nice to see some little girls into their metal. Gives me hope for my daughter.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Tool: Hey at least we're not Nickleback.
Not a tool fan, but those are some really talented kids.
You know, maybe the future's going to be alright after all...
Big deal. Back in my day, we covered the shit out of Dream Theater, Yngwie, and Devon Townsend. Tool was what we did for soundchecks, if we were feeling lazy. Also, it was snowing outside and guitar strings cost a nickle.

Goddamn kids today.
Adham Nu'man
What was the name of your band? The Bouncers?

No, we were named after some characters from Dragonlance.

Honestly though, it is a great cover, very solidly executed. These kids are pretty decent for teenage musicians. They're just not anything special. Jared Sloan would have played circles around these clowns.

Adham Nu'man
The Roachbud Brass Band?

We were the Little Spanish Roachbuds. Record stars we thought we'd be.

It makes me very happy to see Jared Sloan references from people who weren't Carls. The internet is such a small place.

We should have a Jared Sloan week! Sadly, there's not a lot of material out there, mostly just crappy concert footage and grainy band practice videos of him and some of the other guys we hung out with.

Tell him to start vlogging or something. I'm sure he has lots of interesting things to say!

Good try, but it still sounds like Tool.
Here you are.

These kids were forced to grow up early due to the entirety of child culture being violently mass adopted by 27 year old males. I can't wait for kids this age to start writing sincere music about how gross it is to want to fuck cartoon characters. They can play the songs in bars when their off work from being indentured frackers for a gas company.
Syd Midnight
If you think baby boomers complain and soak up resources just wait till you see Generation X hit old age. Imagine what will happen when the majority of the elderly sit on their asses playing video games and arguing about science fiction and obsessing over pop culture.

Whatever it takes to keep them out of politics is acceptable.

La Loco
This made me re-listen to my tool albums more than any Maynard interview I've heard in the last five years. I'm not going to buy your wine Maynard!
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