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Desc:She loves Geek Culture, but it doesn't love her back.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Crime
Tags:geek culture, kickstarter, Don voice your own KS video
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Comment count is 13
Too bad it's not for the TV series LAST RESORT.

I only voted this up so I could write "Too bad it's not for the TV series LAST RESORT."
Kid Fenris
We also would have accepted "Too bad it's not for the Neo Geo shooter LAST RESORT."

Pope Caius
She has the voice of a Troper.

Kickstarter videos should automatically bypass the hopper.
The God of Biscuits
So it's Total Recall with furries?
Closer to the Running Man, but do we really have to compare either of those to... This thing?

Sanest Man Alive
Don really should get to voice his own kickstarter video; he has a lovely baritone.
The New Meat
It looks like your bog standard sci-fi furry webcomic, but I like how she latched onto that hot button FEMALE REPRESENTATION IN NERD CULTURE issue to make it seem timely and relevant.
That, and the way she gets all choked up while talking about it all.

I honestly wonder if the kickstarter crowd realizes you can try more than a single take for your video. You can try more than once.

Newsflash: Geek culture doesn't love anyone back.
American Standard
WOW is that an ugly comic.
Caminante Nocturno
The unique ugliness of her characters really caught me off guard.

Aaaand...it met goal and went 00 beyond it. Jesus fucking wept.
Jet Bin Fever
Those faces! I thought I had seen some pretty terribly drawn faces in my time, but wow.
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