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Desc:Guy doesn't know about simple 'field rotation' effect.
Category:Science & Technology
Tags:moon, tinfoil, astronomy, conspiracy theory, bad astronomy
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Comment count is 10
Invisible giant government agent eats the moon monthly, then let's it regenerate only to eat it again. Obamacare!
Additionally, the uploader included this little gem in his replies to the viewer comments:

"The moon is in our Atmosphere its not in Space lol"

Holy fuckity-fuck. I just read how Ken Ham was mocking Bill Nye for having the audacity to claim the moon doesn't emit its own light and is just reflecting the light of the sun, but this... It explains how Ham can keep getting followers, but the level of ignorance this takes makes me wonder why we don't see idiots like this trying to perform exorcisms on smartphones or burning computers at the stake.
BRB searching for smartphone exorcism videos

Ken "if you didn't see it, it didn't happen" Ham never actually said the moon gives off it's own light. In fact Answers in Genesis has a page about that contradiction.

http://www.answersingenesis.org/articles/2010/06/28/contradict ions-by-the-light-of-the-moon

Not saying Ham isn't a windbag or anything but it's really fucking annoying that so many sites say "Ham says moon doesn't reflect sunlight" When his very own site (which he linked to in his FUCKING FACEBOOK POST) says that's not the case.

Funny that it's easy to believe though.

how would the burning electronics videos get uploaded?


The Mothership
Jet Bin Fever
So dumb it hurts your brain.
I call bullshit on the idea that this person literally does not understand camera orientation in relation to objects in three dimensional space. I'm trying to imagine him spinning in a circle taking pictures of the moon above him, then looking at the pictures and exclaiming "the moon hath spun!" No one can be that stupid. No one. This would mean that there's a real possibility that he thinks the moon gets larger, smaller, then larger as the night progresses.
You're assuming they understand the earth is round and not flat.

This century has been great for people coming to panicky stupid conclusions, posting them online, and thinking they're experts. I'm not saying people didn't come to dumb conclusions back in the day, they just didn't have the ability to post their findings to YouTube.

Back in the 90s I knew someone whose mother-in-law was convinced that there are two moons, that's the only way to account for phases of the moon.

SCIENCE!!! and stuff
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