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Desc:What happens when a dragon moves in with a modern family? It lasts all of three episodes.
Category:Humor, Horror
Tags:dragon, sitcom, scorch
Submitted:Kid Fenris
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Comment count is 12
I remember this abomination. Being a mere seven years old, I tolerated it but I didn't find it funny. The only episode I recall is one where Scorch had eaten a bunch of missing household items, the standard sitcom plot for every family-with-a-wacky-pet show ever.

People who aren't around or don't remember when shitty TV shows try and fail are just left to wonder what the producers were thinking. In the case of "Scorch," it was obviously trying to cash in on "Dinosaurs."
It was probably more of an attempt to create the next Alf, actually. Dinosaurs was never more than a modest success.

Also that preload image looks like Will Ferrell giving a little girl a creepy shoulder rub. Is this "Scorch" or one of those molester awareness videos we had to watch in the 4th grade?
Yellow Lantern
I don't know how many people lost their jobs over this, but it probably wasn't enough.
Jimmy Labatt
Holy shit I didn't just dream this after all (I wish I had).

Needs a "Horrible Sitcom Infinity" tag.
Daddy, I think he's funny!

The focus groups needed a little help to see we were going for funny.
No one seemed to figure out what made the Alf model work. This is just more evidence of that.
Perversely, if the ALF model teaches us anything it seems a key part of the equation is a deranged, difficult-to-work-with puppeteer.

Seven Arts/H8 Red
Another key part of the ALF model is a cast who, behind the scenes, can't stand being on the show. You get bonus points for hiring a foil with a real-life penchant for recreational drugs, and homeless men.

Seven Arts/H8 Red
Scorch is still around, with an annoying in-character bio:
Flying Omelette
Never seen a dragon with manboobs before.

Great, now we need a "not ALF" tag.
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