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Desc:Asian immigrants are often lied to, and often drop dead from working conditions.
Category:Crime, Horror
Tags:world cup, poverty, nepal, slaves, Qatar
Submitted:Rodents of Unusual Size
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Comment count is 7
We call this "slave capitalism" to distinguish it from the capitalism system that:

1) Sets the standard for it.
2) Purchases goods and services from it.
3) Became the standard by once being slave capitalism itself.
4) Is still slave capitalism; calls the slaves prisoners.

Hey now, I thought observing Future America was forbidden in the Time Chamber. No one wants to see 2017 yet.
Oscar Wildcat
Perhaps you've heard of those squat, refrigerator shaped things called Mexicans? No Time Chamber required to see those folks. Just unblinkered vision.

those freakish things with a plunger for one arm and garden sheers for the other?

What happens on Mitt Romney's estate stays on Mitt Romney's estate. I haven't seen any recent data, but in the early 2000's Mexican workers were dying in America at greater than one a day. I think this data is no longer important today because vastly more than that are dying on our borders long before they get a chance to die for the honkie-kind's green heroin.

I am in-laws with one of the retardedly rich families who live in Qatar, and all I've gotten out of them is that its a bastion where everyone is rich, no poverty exists, and the workers love it despite not being able to become citizens. It reminded me of an upper cast Indian girl I dated who would bet her tits on her country being pure of destitution.

It is impossible to convince rich happy people to be concerned about anything no matter where you are from.
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