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Desc:What happens when you cross Super Mario Kart with Street Fighter 2? Apparently this.
Category:Video Games, Crime
Tags:NES, Street Fighter, super mario kart, unlicensed
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Comment count is 8
bopeton - 2013-10-02
It's not clear to me what this has to do with Mario Kart.

I don't see a single Go-Kart.
Flying Omelette - 2013-10-02
The characters are all exactly those from the original Super Mario Kart. I'm guessing this is how they determine who wins in a tie.

chumbucket - 2013-10-02

Kabbage - 2013-10-02
We REALLY need to do a Bootleg Games Week.
gravelstudios - 2013-10-02
I was really disappointed that they didn't show footage of princess peach in action.
Redford - 2013-10-02
As far as bootleg games go, this one is of curiously high quality.
bac - 2013-10-03
anybody know the history of nokonoko? I am unfamiliar with a koopa trooper being called as such.
yourmother - 2013-10-03
This is what they are called in Japanese.

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