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Desc:Be sure to visit Devin Braden's youtube page to see his progress.
Category:Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Superhero, telekinesis, mumble, Devin Braden, aim high
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Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
I WILL DEVELOP TELEKINETIC POWERS! then I will be able to entertain people with a teddy and pick up litter.

Also amazing view into the seedy underworld of incredibly boring telekinesis videos on yt.
The funny thing is that if this was real, all NSA/CIA/whatever agents would have this stupid "power." Being able to give someone a brain aneurism at will would make you the perfect assassin.

Or they could be a teddy-mancer, I guess.
This is kind of innocuous, but the videos on his channel are the real treasure. He moves foil and paper using static electricity, string, and perspective tricks and claims psychic powers.

Also, he puts his hand on a red blanket for 30 seconds and nothing happens. He claims because his hand is red, he is developing invisibility. Amazing.
So is this guy more or less pathetic than the guy that makes "hewwwls" in the "cleeewds"?

real plan: invisible fleshlight
so much power in that crooked, crooked finger.
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