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Desc:The life and times of 'Walter Blanco'
Tags:Colombia, remake, Breaking Bad, Walter Blanco
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Comment count is 19
Adrián González 3 hours ago
Todd, I think I might have another job for your uncle
wtf japan
Amauri E. Alcántara 21 minutes ago
"I am the Juan who knocks."

Amazing comment. Five stars for Mr. Alcántara.

wtf japan
A Columbia drug lord must become a chemistry teacher to support his family in the wake of Central and South American drug liberalization.
Jet Bin Fever
Colombian, not Columbian. Don't make this mistake again.

Jet, you're wrong. The tags say so. OBEY THE TAGS.

Old People
for wtfjapan

I really wish they actually do call him Walter Blanco.
That seriously is the name of the character. And his wife is named Cielo. Seriously.

Adham Nu'man
Si! Imanes, Perra!

Jose Pinkman will be calling him Mr. Blanco.

Also: Dudes, it's COLOMBIA, not the place in Canada.
Jet Bin Fever
THANK YOU. I hate that!

Oh. I thought it was the smallish-sized city in the middle of Missouri. Thanks for clearing that up.

Becoming the meth kingpin of an Ivy League university would also work as a spinoff.

Are you talking about Columbia, MO, deadpan? Missouri's got the meth, but I don't know if I'd call Mizzou "Ivy League."

Don't they have universal healthcare in Colombia?
Spaceman Africa
A lot of people are mad about this for some reason.
Daddy Warcrimes
"I'm sorry sir, Vince Gilligan is unavailable."

"Well then, get me his Mexican non-union equivalent!"
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