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Desc:Giggle giggle giggle
Category:Educational, Arts
Tags:drugs, michael mosley, truth drug
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Comment count is 6
bac - 2013-10-04
I am/was an avid recreational drug user (I rarely do them anymore). And I always wanted to try this stuff.
baleen - 2013-10-05
I'd have no idea where to get it, but for a poor man's similar experience, try taking a few droppers of GHB (the so called date rape drug).

I remember actually talking about a woman leg's in the most honest way possible. And that was bad. She was sitting next to me.

Also, a building burned down in front of me, and I tried flirting with two of the women who were watching the building burn down. I didn't think I was flirting, I just wanted so badly to connect with them in an honest way. I remember them being uncomfortable, but I didn't care, because I had to have them know about my feelings.

Date rape drug.

fermun - 2013-10-05
This is what they gave me when I had my wisdom teeth out. Afterwards they told me that because there wasn't any music, I thought they'd be bored so I tried to sing "Slow Ride" by Foghat to keep them entertained. Afterwards, when sedating the nurse kept saying she was going to leave the room, so I would get up and follow her. They ended up using straps but I slipped out and followed her again, so they just found my ride and sent me off. I remembered bits and pieces but nothing of a full picture.

bac - 2013-10-05
thank ya both.

chairsforcheap - 2013-10-04
this guy is adorable, let's make him try other drugs
Innocent Bystander - 2013-10-04
That is kinda awesome.
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