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Desc:Sounds like a chainsaw and looks disturbingly like a flayed rabbit. It has shed it's cord.
Category:Science & Technology, Horror
Tags:Robot, DARPA, boston dynamics, Wildcat
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Comment count is 25

I'm gonna go get the most gas guzzling-est SUV I can get just to use up the oil before these things revolt.
It will just process your flesh into methane.

So close to making a Junji Ito joke!

also, GYO should be a tag.


I was thinking more about the movie "Screamers."

On the bright side, good luck pretending to be human with that engine noise.

it's cool that zombies are real now and much scarier than romero ever imagines
Don't be afraid! Just taunt it for the fact that its legs look like Q-tips and it will buzz away in shame!

yeah until the qtip legs are replaced with guns

AKA: Final Phase of Every DARPA Robotics Project

Fuck your motorcycle, fuck your scooter. I want this. I want to ride this around while wearing plate armor.
All this thing needs is an ape hanger handlebar.
The Mothership
I want everybody to think about the fact that that is an internal combustion engine that is running along on four legs.
Oscar Wildcat
To be fair, it's more like a Prius with legs. For lack of a bettery...

faster than your fat ass
Binro the Heretic
Did they HAVE to make it sound like a Rapture sentry bot?
Pretty neat. It's a shame it's got such bad arthritis in its knees, tho.
it's symptomatic of nerd technology worship and the infinitely deep pockets of the MIC that this thing got untold millions and the better part of decade in development and is still worse than a 0 mule in every way
Seriously, I can fuck my mule when I get lonely. I'm not sticking my dick in that.

Architeuthis Tux
Are you kidding, Hooker? With that buzzing engine, it'll be a pre-warmed vibrator! Just load the aperture with a well-lubed steak and you'd be balls deep in heaven.

The future of keg delivery.
Mister Yuck
Shit. That thing is going to eat my skin.
Mister Yuck
I favorited this just so that in the future, when this thing is eating my skin, I can show it my comment and be like, "Hey, I totally called this a decade ago!"

Jet Bin Fever
Pretty sure POETV will be gone long before the apocalypse.

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