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Category:Video Games, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:video games, Street Fighter IV, DSP
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Comment count is 10
I have nothing for or against this guy personally, but this was going to wind up here sooner or later once DSP became a tag. I'm just getting it out of the way.
Phil has issues. Watching him try to get through Dark Souls was painful.
I'd never heard of this guy before but he does seem like quite a PITA. However, I kind of like the look of this SF, so that's nice. I have to hurry up and submit my rating so I can stop being stuck in the room with this guy.
Pro fighting game communities are worse than anyone in King of Kong and Chasing Ghosts. At least those guys were mostly benignly pathetic.
oh myyyy gawwwwd
i was blocking!
he blocked that
oh my gawwwd

I forgot how much I hated street fightery games.
Hate the player, not the game.

Sanest Man Alive
I'm basically dogshit at fighting games, but I can recognize that pattern and choose to not fucking play them. This man is grotesquely delusional about his own failings, and I want to slap him until his eyes fall out.

Jet Bin Fever
Why are we giving this shitbag views?
Sanest Man Alive
This was edited and uploaded by a different person, you can rest easy knowing your disgust with DarkSydePhil's angry cluelessness will not contribute to his ad revenue.

Jet Bin Fever
Thank omnipotent creator!

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