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Desc:Sacked screenwriter JD Shapiro accepts the award, gets standing ovation
Category:Humor, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:John Travolta, Battlefield Earth, razzie
Submitted:John Holmes Motherfucker
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Comment count is 22
I saw BE in the theater with my buddy. We were "in on it" and had gone just to enjoy the insanity. Amazingly, there was another person in the theater. Who stayed. The entire time.

I also recently downloaded a copy of the book after reading a few books on Scientology and Hubbard. I had zero exposure to his science fiction and wanted to check it out. I couldn't even get through the preface.
I saw it when I was stuck in a hotel that had HBO. I knew it was supposed to be bad, and I wasn't disappointed. I liked the cavemen-in-aircraft parts because it reminded me of Weird Al's lampooning of Rambo in UHF.

Caminante Nocturno
I can't remember where or when I saw this movie, but I clearly remember feeling like weeks had passed after I was done watching it.

This movie is pretty fantastic but it's no Foodfight!
occasionally i like to torure myself by watchng this in a marathon with kevin costner's the postman.
BattleSHIP Earth?
Yeah, I was hoping for a new level of awful filmmaking until I realized the uploader had made up a fake movie title to go with the awful film I already knew about.

That said, a Battlefield Earth and Battleship mashup would be really, really bad.

You sunk my battleship earth!

They could mount some guns on the earth and then sail it around the Pacific Ocean.

Then later they can do Battlestar Earth, and have the Earth travel around in space.

I am totally going to write a book called Battleship Earth.

John Holmes Motherfucker
It wasn't the uploader, it was the lunatic submitter.

My second-hand linux-salvaged aptop has been down, and I've been waiting for a new one. in the meantime, the fact that i submitted BATTLESHIP EARTH in the title has been haunting me, and I've been waiting to get back here to fix it.

I would have left it as is.

I keep a copy of the VHS tape on my coffee table to scare people. It is surrounded by Jack Chick tracts, Mary Baker Eddy books, The Book of Common Prayer, "On Order" by Peter Kropotkin, tarot cards, and a copy of "Book ABA" by Aleister Crowley.
a man after my own heart. i used to hand christian tracts (alcohol, tobacco, satanism, gambling) to strangers at parties, but never did i have the guts to keep them in my own home.

My mom volunteers at the local Baptist church bookstore, and I work in a convenience store. I got Chick tracts coming out of my ears.

you, sir, are a sick puppy.

Sideways horses.
Bless this man.
I saw it in the theater. Thought it was great. I'd recently changed my brain meds and was kind of in a mental fog.

Then I watched it again and it was the dumbest fucking movie I'd ever seen.
Probably the second greatest Razzie acceptance ever.
John Holmes Motherfucker
What was the first?

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