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Desc:Sha Na Na were the kings of Woodstock. You know it's true deep in your heart.
Category:Arts, Stunts
Tags:nostalgia, woodstock, 1969, Sha Na Na, plum-smugglesome
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Prickly Pete
Dip didda dip wah
Hotdog? Is that you? What's up Hotdog?

Seeing this on the brown acid would be really fucking crazy.
Robin Kestrel
Stars mainly for Dead Milkmen reference.
Was Sha Na Na a gay counterculture thing? I can never find anything about that online, but I mean seriously.
Mister Yuck
I don't know, but the two dancers in the gold outfits were definitely fucking.

My Dad was at Woodstock*. He slept through the Who (the band he'd most wanted to see) and woke up for Sha Na Na. Ten years later, when the group had a TV show, he knew one of the members.

* (fun sign of how much things have changed - he hitchhiked there from Kansas and somewhere in Illinois, a middle-aged-but-with-it couple asked him to take their adolescent son to see the show, because they could tell it would be something big. My dad left the show early because the kid stepped on a bottle and had to be taken home. He's told me that the brown acid was really good, until you were told over a loudspeaker that it was poison.)
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