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Category:Fashion, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:ska, white people, kids these days, skank, The Decline of Western Civilization
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Comment count is 9
The Mothership
Oh yea, Hooper X; haven't heard from him for awhile. One of PoeTV's finest commentators.

Also this video fills me with sadness.
blue vein steel
the orange haired girl is the only one doing it right, but that still doesn't mitigate the shame
This reminds me of the last time i was drunk enough to dance in public, pretty sure there was some shameful skanking going on.

Let's all be different and do the same thing!! Stupid SHEEPLE and they're pop music!
Everybody polka!
Jet Bin Fever
I learned what skanking was at a ska show when I was about 13-15 years old. It was and has always been an incredibly lame way to dance.
I was in middle school when I learned about skanking. Never actually seen anyone do it non-ironically IRL, but my parents dragged me to a lot of rockabilly shows as a kid, and some of that stuff was pretty close.

Is the "kids these days" tag meant literally? Is there a ska-resurgence going on now?

Jet Bin Fever
oh god, I hope not.

asian hick
Eh, on the one hand it looks silly. On the other they're having fun. The point of a show is to go, enjoy yourself and not give a fuck what anyone else thinks or how silly you look. The only people I've ever seen at a show that care about other people looking silly are miserable douchebags that apparently come to shows to watch other people have fun.
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