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Tags:djing genius words
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this needs better tags that i cant suggest soorry; i voted this up cause it reminded me of the guys i work with noe one of them being a record hound. ps welcome to fall they are going tell us global warming doesnt exist cause its going get colder but i hope we know better. fart
5 for being the only video that's brought me anywhere close to being glad I can't fuckin beatbox. There was a non-shitty beatbox early on in this 99% shitty-ass (spoken with true respect for Mustard, who seeems to be a believer, .kopw i can't even remember anymore but CHILDREN YOU SHOULD DRINK RYE

2013. I just read this tentative post.Seems legit. Plese destroy at eariliest conveinience. I love and hate you all because love = hate
drunker than usual. get a grip

Jesus christ, dude.

oh shit. i get it now.


Adham Nu'man
Don't drink and post dude.

The title threw me for a second, there. Without the usual capital letters, I thought I was going to hear about some new phenomenon pronounced "deh-jingg."

I thought, "Is this a new kind of jewelry? A rap interpretation of some Hindu tradition? A new kind of drug with a complicated method of ingestion?"

You can imagine my disappointment.
I read the title as "Will.I.Am and the Fine Art of Dying". I clicked expecting to hear Will.I.Am's foray into extreme technical metalcore.

I am also disappointed.

will.i.am week go go go
Jet Bin Fever
This guy wishes he could write a riff anywhere NEAR as good as the one in Satisfaction. I like how he's dressed like a vampire hunter too.
This guy is a master at placating and entertaining white people, while still maintaining his individuality, freedom and blackness. He's a hero.
nothing in this sentence is true.

I liked him in Hootie and the Blowfish.

A real artist wastes a thousand people's time with their first drafts.
One of the most soulless hateful shit heels to walk this planet...On a branch of a yew tree too
I think he gives money to poor kids in LA and in Paris. So there.

But he also gives awful music to poor kids in LA and Paris.

Most of his money comes from poor kids in the first place.

This video needs some context. It is from a 2011 documentary style film about the Electric Daisy Carnival, a trance/house fest which had headliners like Kaskade and Deadmau5. Willi.i.Am had an early set during the day and had quite a poor reception. You could continually sense throughout the documentary that his ego was really bruised in this setting, so he went full retard in trying to gain respect in these interviews.
Ooooohhh. So that's why he's talking about being a failure, and trying to pretend like fucking up is no big thing.

Why the hell would the festival promoters let him on the same stage as Kaskade and Deadmau5? Were drugs involved?

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