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Desc:Couldn't watch most of this, but it seemed relevant to poeTV's userbase.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:my little pony, mlp, brony, pegasister, Keep this kid away from Caminante
Submitted:Sudan no1
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The New Meat
I want to say something cutting, but this is actually the most articulate brony I've seen so far. At the least she can make a better argument than RARITY IS BEST PONY BECAUSE COLORS PRETTY.
The New Meat
Also 5 stars for "dragon dee doo."
Looks like one of my best friends from elementary school in drag.
I'm a service submissive and literally the most stressful work I've done in that capacity was when I was assisting a seamstress. I've helped out on a farm, and that wasn't nearly as bad.

All you Rarity haters can go to hell. To hell I say.
I bet it wasn't an apple farm where everyone had to do all their work without the benefit of opposable thumbs.

Albuquerque Halsey
she has the tired eyes of a 50 year old.
My Little Pony is a cartoon for little girls designed to sell chunks of plastic to their parents
NO, she does NOT give Spike what he wants! What Spike wants is ASS. She does not give that to him! I don't think this girl quite understands what people mean when they say Rarity's a "tease". And she doesn't HELP him out at all; if she was helpful, she would have woken him up that time he fell asleep on the frozen lake!

I was with her for the first couple minutes, but after that her argument completely falls apart.
Oh, and fuck her and her Flutter-hate. Fluttershy only acted like a bitch in that ONE episode, and it was because her friends (specifically, Pinkie Pie and ***RARITY***) pushed her into becoming more assertive.

Also when Discord hypnotized her, but that doesn't count, because it was magic.

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