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Desc:chubby scumbag enlightens you to Thailands complete GFE experience
Tags:prostitution, scumbag, Thailand, archieluxury, gfe
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Comment count is 18
He looks like quite a catch. Which is to say he would be incredibly difficult to land with even the most heavy-duty fishing line.
2 stars for this asshole's grating voice.

3 more for making me want to run out & get tested just watching this. Eeesh.
WTF is this previoaux picture it's freakin me out but seriously dudes I drank too much just now and I have an inguinal hernial from being too fat
I don't know. It sounds alright, but I heard the Thai government's been getting pretty anal about age of consent laws.

He's got 2,024 videos.
Jet Bin Fever
Sadly you can bribe your way out of most things in Thailand. Maybe not that, but I bet you could try.

pyslexic dharmacist
Somehow "providers" sounds even worse than "bitches." I hope one of them bites his tiny prick off.
Spaceman Africa
If Only God Forgives is correct, this guy will end up with his hands cut off.
51 seconds. Fuck.
Pushing the video of his return to Thailand and his divorce now.
damn it! Return from Thailand..

I really hope this man's corpse washes ashore, covered in thrashings.
What if I'm not attracted to asians, can I replace my hag with a ecudorian, panamanian, or kenyan beauty in a similar way? HELP ME HORRIBLE MAN THING
He's getting ripped off. What I do is follow Doctors Without Borders around into the aftermath of conflict, famine and disaster. There are plenty of starving, emaciated widows and orphans out there desperate enough to give you a quality rimjob for less than a handful of rice.
Fuck the poor, literally.

Also, he keeps saying GFE experience. The 'E' is for experience. So it's like saying UFO object, or ATM machine. It's annoying.
Five stars for "Renting a hooker who lets you kiss her is basically the same experience as having an intimate relationship." I'd just have no response to someone who told me that with a straight face.

Jet Bin Fever
I saw some crazy shit when I was in Asia. The sex industry is just beyond terrible. So many dead eyed women in some parts.
I can't deal with this dude's voice. Great shots of him posing in front of all the ladyboy bars in Nana, though.
"Intimacy? What sort of FUCKEN POOFTA IS THIS?"
The God of Biscuits
Girl Friend Experience Experience
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