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Desc:'Makes a slapping noise when you hit her buttocks hard enough'
Category:Horror, Crime
Tags:dying alone, mlp, bronies, plushophilia
Submitted:Spaceman Africa
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Comment count is 27
What the fuck?

The colors are all wrong!
That might just be the urine filter on the cheap camera, or the creepy linoleum basement lighting.

Twilight Sparkle is a nice soft lilac, cb94df in natural light. That plushy is a sickly piss gray, 89804e or thereabouts. I don't see how his filter could fuck up the coloration that badly.

Actually, you know what, I take that back. You could be right. I ran some tests, and a really bad yellowy-green filter could potentially cause Twilight to come out looking piss gray, especially if her base color is off.


Urine filter? I've just been calling it Chris-Chan-vision.

The New Meat
Might want to get that prolapse checked out.
The Mothership
oh man.... sometimes I think my life has problems, but then I see shit like this.
I know, I don't feel nearly as bad about jerking off to snuff porn now.

Caminante Nocturno
No doubt that moving the tail aside is an important part of the process.
Captivating plots and a moving tale.

Oh no.
I saw the preview image; I didn't need to see anything else after that.
I regret watching this and am now afraid to even see what YouTube is going to suggest for me.

Xenagama Warrior Princess
I'd like to know what they do with these things after they have moved on. Like, do they sell them over the internet, or to they try to do a half-assed job and remove the SPH and then donate it.
that assumes they get rid of them

The Mothership
Thanks for making me google SPH, now I feel dirty.

So dryclean only?
I'm hard.... no, wait, I mean, it's hard to think of a worse video of something I want to own... I mean, don't want to own.
nice preview
Crunchy Frog
Today, I saw a truly heartwarming picture of a 5' tall Princess Celestia that some woman made for her 4 year old child to ride on. This is exactly what I needed to restore a proper sour mood and sense of cynicism. So, thanks for that.
Shoebox Joe
That sounds awesome.

Not the sour mood/cynicism part of course.

Crunchy Frog
Here ya go:

http://karasunezumi.deviantart.com/art/Akemi-Riding-Celestia-4 08068304

Looks like she's going to sell Celestia once she figures out how to pack and ship her.

Crunchy Frog
Remove the space between the -4 and the 08

Shoebox Joe
That is awesome. Thanks Crunchy Frog!

Shoebox Joe
I literally forgot what this site was about when I first clicked on this in the hopper.

I actually thought I was going to see a Twilight Plush in the shape of Princess Celestia.

Oh how wrong I was.
Jet Bin Fever
Preload was enough for me, thank you very much.
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