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Desc:Couple describes the process of achieving enlightenment through handjobs
Category:Religious, Educational
Tags:orgasm, San Francisco, Om, OneTaste
Submitted:Gamara II
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Comment count is 11
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Hope he washed his hands afterwards.
"Unlike regular sex, which tends to take place in the dark..."

Oh god, these people.

"What is the secret to unlocking your personal potential and creating a more harmonious society? A San Francisco company says you can find it between every woman's legs. "

This is literally the premise of an old, early 70s, mail order 8mm porn movie w used to have the ad for in the bathroom of the record store I worked at. They were marketing it as self help.

Oscar Wildcat
Sadly, all efforts to organize a counterpart "free blow jobs for men" group have met with fierce resistance from the ladies.
Well at least we're doing better than no-sex Japan......poor Japan :(
Two things:

1) The couple reminds me of the Parker Posey's character and her character's husband from Best in Show. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQKdEdzHnfU

2) I can't imagine the type of person or people it takes to be unwilling to navigate sexual intimacy on your own terms and require the authority of a third party to establish the rules and 'proper' way of being sexually intimate.
It is very strange... on one hand, teaching more men (and women) how to give better handjobs is certainly a good thing.

Being so clinical about it and breaking it off from sex.. cold, so cold.

The Mothership
Everything you two said is 100% true.

Also, the idea that some guy not doing this won't be turned on is ridiculous.

Oscar Wildcat
It reminds me of a quote from that George Clooney movie, "The Americain".

He's just fucked his prostitute in the ass for the millionth time. She asks him, "Why honey don't you fuck me in the pussy" and he replies "Because it's about my pleasure, not yours".

That's the male OM right there folks.

I was not at all surprised to find that Ray Kurzweil is loosely associated with this.

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